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Posted on November 20th, 2013


We are CourseCue! We are excited to launch a resource for students to explore and discover the right path for their career.

It all began when we started observing that a lot of you are quite confused when it comes to selecting a professional course, which in due time, might pave a way for a formidable career for you.

With a lot of courses being highlighted by peers and teachers and aggressive marketing by institutes to lure you to their course, you are prone to making a career mistake and lose precious time and money.

We don’t blame you for the confusion.

So we came up with CourseCue! We are a directory that helps you find institutes providing professional and technical courses that suit your abilities, interests and financial capabilities.

We provide information on different skill sets and will help you choose a particular career and course with our extensive knowledge base. It includes the prerequisites, career opportunities, income potential etc of the courses. So you don’t really need to go around asking people for advice nor do you need to spend time Wikipedia-ing various courses and confusing yourself.

Our vast directory also contains specific information on each institute. From pictures of their infrastructure, qualifications and experience of the faculty, course curriculum, locations to even the user rating and feedback. We serve you all that you need in a silver platter.

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