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"Trends Change , Technology Changes and Requirements Change, In this fast paced Technology updates, Coping up to the latest Modules is a Challenge."- We Have Right mix of balanced curriculum which delivers the needs of a professional web designer, UI developer and UXA Analyst.Career in Web Development Industry has high rational inclinations,Starting with field requires a balanced training process which should consist of all domain specific knowledge quoteints. "it's not just about designing the content, understanding the requirements of web development process is a key." From Inception we enjoy a large share of web developers trained (2000+) and recruited in various organizations across the globe. We are the most reknowned web gurus in hyderabad, imparting the best knowledge in web design and development areas.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to www, History, EssentialsWeb Servers & ProtocolsUse of AccessibilityDifference between web 2.0 & semanticsIntro to HTMLSemantic tagsComplete HTML FrameworkEssential CSS3.0Search Engine Optimization

Course Faculty

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