Our Story

September 2012

Akram and I were seated in his office in Malakpet, Hyderabad. Akram heads Sizmic Labs, a software development company. We met after years as I was in the United States all this time. He had created some awesome web products like Foundora, Rapidfeeds and Plugmatter amongst others. I was happy for his achievements. As I was interested in the same field, I started an IT service company called Stratageeks.

We were discussing various aspects related to our respective ventures and we spotted one common plot-hole in our otherwise seamless functioning: the inability to hire decent talent. The candidates we interviewed boasted certificates from reputed institutes and showed us experience letters but sadly weren’t proficient enough. Some of them were jack of all trades and master of none. They possessed certification or training under a lot of vertices but they were clearly not worth hiring.

Upon a little research, it came to our notice that the problem lay in the lack of career guidance. With a lot of courses being highlighted by peers and teachers and aggressive marketing by institutes to lure students to their course, they are prone to making a career mistake and lose precious time and money.

With no enquiry into the credentials of the trainer, or the quality of the infrastructure, students flock in numbers because these institutes have one very appealing aspect: inexpensive fee structure.

We had to break this practice or risk ourselves by hiring future candidates of mediocre skill sets. So, we decided to help candidates make better decisions when it comes to choosing a course and what they can expect from it. And also beware them of challenges that lie beyond the course and guide them in overcoming them with ease.

And hence, we birthed CourseCue.

Mohammed Ansari, co-founder, CourseCue.